CPR for the Soul

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Criticism is easy to come by but encouragement can change someone’s day and may even change their life.

Encourage. Inspire. Invigorate. Uplift.

I was actually opposed to blogging.  I had a ton of ignorant thoughts about the blogosphere and they even kept me from reading blogs. But a friend of mine just kept encouraging me to write.  In her soft, sweet Southern way she prodded me. And here I am – writing.  Years ago I would write all the time and then I hit a wall. It became easy to make excuses and then day after day I just didn’t do it anymore. Without my friends’ recent encouragement I doubt you would be reading this now. (You can read her amazing blog about connecting to a life of significance here). Once I started Make It Plain on Tablets something inside me ignited and now I can’t keep from writing or thinking about writing.  It’s been amazing!

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We all need revival from time to time.  Somehow we get distracted from our goals, give up, settle for less.  We need a life giving word of encouragement to get us going, to keep us going or to bring us back to our life. Revival. Like CPR for the soul.

Encouragement isn’t flattery. Flattery is a type of sweet talk or praise that has manipulation at it’s core.  Flattery is a way to get people to do what you want them to do. A way to get them to feel a certain way so that you feel a certain way. It’s self serving. Encouragement is about helping others do what God has designed them to do.

Encouragement is looking at someone and seeing how amazing they are and telling them about it.  Often we don’t see ourselves or circumstances clearly.  Our vision is clouded by failures or the grandness of our hope. We need someone to see us from the outside and remind us of the truth in us.

Jonathan coaching our son with his first time on the rock wall.

Maybe you feel like you are the one who needs encouragement  and that you have nothing to give. My word to you is find someone else to encourage.  It’s funny – when you start to encourage someone else somehow you get encouraged.  And it’s contagious! Try it. But by all means don’t let me stop you from asking God to show you how He sees you and then staring yourself in the mirror and declaring to yourself that you were designed on purpose and for a great purpose, that you can receive the grace to do it, stop it, make it, choose it, build it, move it, write it or whatever your IT is. You are amazing and nothing less!

Set your eyes to find someone to encourage this week. When you take the time to look at others with intentions of hope it’s easy to see their truth. Then take that next step and tell them about it.

Consider leaving a comment below on how you plan to take on this challenge or how it goes or share an idea for other readers on ways to encourage.


2 thoughts on “CPR for the Soul

    Michelle said:
    January 20, 2012 at 9:40 am

    Love it 🙂
    Just started Strengthening Yourself In the Lord last night 🙂

      DebraBell responded:
      January 20, 2012 at 10:42 am

      Excellent Read!

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